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Magetodyn Technology

The original technology developed by Kraus and Lechner

Our experience is that you can benefit from Magnetodyn® therapy in any situation, to maintain optimum health, to prevent or treat health problems, or to promote healing after accidents and injuries.

Magnetodyn® technology uses weak, slowly oscillating electromagnetic fields. The uniform sinusoidal signal used by our technology is inspired by nature, which explains why it is so well accepted by the body . The magnetic fields exert their natural effect and deliver their action exactly where it is most needed: at the level of the damaged cell.

Current world wide research indicates that these fields help to restore normal cell function, enabling cells to perform all their tasks within the framework of the tissue. Using this approach, damaged tissue can be renewed to the greatest possible extent.

Our findings show this to be how Magnetodyn® technology supports the regenerative processes. The greater the body’s ability to regenerate, the more likely it is that you will stay healthy, strong and youthful – even after disease and into old age.

Magnetodyn® technology can be used in two ways :

  • The non-invasive technique is used in rehabilitation hospitals, on an outpatient basis by your doctor, or for home treatment, depending on the indication.
  • The surgically invasive technique is used in combination with an implant that can be activated electrically. This method is applied in a clinical care environment.

Non-invasive Magnetodyn® technique

The non-invasive (non-surgical) Magnetodyn® technique is primarily based on the magnetic field component of this technology. External sinusoidal electromagnetic fields penetrate the skin without resistance and have a regenerative effect on the damaged tissue. Current knowledge* indicates these magnetic fields have a regulating effect on metabolism, cell growth, and cell differentiation. In addition, they stimulate the processes of the autonomic nervous system in a way not yet fully understood. The ability of electromagnetic fields to activate the exchange of molecular messengers, such as calcium, and to improve oxygen supply and blood flow to the tissue, thereby stimulating cell metabolism is the subject of ongoing world wide research programmes.

Our scientific and clinical experiences and investigationshave shown non-invasive (non-surgical) Magnetodyn® therapy to be extremely effective as an adjunctive treatment for degenerative disorders like osteoarhtritis, as well as for bone, connective tissue, blood vessel and nerve injuries.* We also found that the chances of healing in chronic conditions, such as bone loss and leg ulcers, and in cases of severely impaired wound healing, e.g. after burns, are markedly increased. Signs of swelling and inflammation may resolve much more quickly. Especially the frequency and severity of episodes of acute and chronic pain can be significantly reduced by Magnetodyn® therapy.

The surgically invasive Magnetodyn® technique

The surgically invasive Magnetodyn® technique is primarily used as an adjunctive treatment for extensive, severe, delayed healing and also inflamed bone defects, e.g. following complex fractures. In the injured area where the ability to move is restricted, the functional signals and thus the natural communication processes between cells are impaired. In this situation tissue easily becomes atrophic. To stimulate the formation of new bone, the surgically invasive Magnetodyn® technique enhances the electric component of the magnetic field. Together with the metal devices used for fracture stabilisation, a small transducer implant is placed in the affected area. Such a transducer can be activated remotely. Bone screws with an integrated transducer, so-called bipolar induction screws, which are specifically designed for this purpose are now available.

The transducer is activated by an external magnetic field. The induced electrical potential of up to 700 mV at bone level stimulates the deficient functional signals of the body: The body “notices” that bone is needed at this point and starts producing new tissue. According to research papers published by leading researchers in the field , the external magnetic field has two functions: not only does it promote the functional maturation and the metabolism of cells, it also stimulates the formation of blood vessels. Consequently, the newly formed tissue is immediately well vascularised and supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Based on this mechanism, Magnetodyn® technology can – on an individual basis – lead to extensive, highly differentiated bone and tissue regeneration, even in cases with poor prognosis.